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The history of the petroleum industry from the earliest discovery of oil through a natural oil seep and its burning properties, early medicinal theories, to the beginning of the oil industry with primitive drilling techniques to the modern oil industry and the true power of refined crude. Part 1 - 00:00:46;10 Early man using manpower to äóìplowäó or dig furrows in a field. Image of an old water wheel. 00:01:20;10 A natural äóìoil seepäó of crude oil (petroleum seep). Primitive water drilling device (primitive drill rig). Early traveling medicine show or snake oil. ,00:02:38;01 ,History of lamps. Lamp burning whale oil. First oil burning lamp invented in 1850. 00:03:17;05 First commercial oil well drilled in the United States. In 1859 Edwin L. Drake constructed an oil derrick on Oil Creek near Titusville, Pennsylvania and drilled a 69-foot oil well for Seneca oil Company using a steam engine as a source of power. Primitive, early steam engine. Early primitive oil drill rig. 00:07:06;08 Wagon loaded with barrels of oil on way to nearest shipping point. Early oil pipeline being laid to move oil to shipping point. Early oil refinery or still. 00:08:31;08 Man reading by the light of a vintage oil burning lamp. 00:08:56;06 Early automobiles. Horseless carriage spooking the horses. Image of a model T Ford. Head on shot of Model T Ford automobile. CU image of early automobile engine. Head on shot of horseless carriage. Various shots of early automobiles. 00:09:54;07 Oil drilling rigs on land, oil well pumps, and refineries. 00:10:37;00 Animation scenes is used to illustrate the transformation of tiny organisms into oil and gas from enormous heat and pressure of the earth. 00:11:45;02 Methods used by oil Geologist to locate deposits of oil are described. A 1950s commercial helicopter. A Marsh Buggy or Swamp Buggy.
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