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Greek Agora, Odeon of Agrippa
2011 (C21th)
A large concert hall or odeon was given to the Athenians by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, the son-in-law and general of Augustus, circa 15 BC. It was a huge two-floored Structure that probably dominated the Agora. The auditorium, with its raised stage and Marble-Paved orchestra, Seated about 1,000 spectators. It was surrounded on three sides by a cryptoporticus (subterranean colonnaded hall) at the lower level and with stoas above. The exterior of the building was elaborated with Corinthian pilasters. Entry to the Odeon was either from the upper level of the Middle Stoa on the south or through a modest porch at ground level on the north. The great open span of the auditorium (25 meters) eventually proved too great and the roof collapsed circa 150 AD. The Structure was rebuilt as a lecture hall, with the Seating capacity reduced to about 500, and a far more elaborate facade was built at the north, using massive pillars carved in the form of giants (with snaky tails) and tritons (fishy tails). The Odeon of Agrippa was destroyed by the Herulians in 267 AD. It was rebuilt in the early 5th Century AD as Part Of a sprawling Complex, perhaps a palace, with numerous rooms, a bath, and several courtyards, which extended southward all the way across the old South Square. The Giants and Tritons were reused for a Monumental Entranceway, and their present position on high piers dates to this last phase of the building.
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